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MABA-011108 Transmission Line Balun is a 1:1 balun transformer covering a very wide bandwidth. This transmission line balun features low insertion loss, excellent amplitude balance, and small surface mount assembly. The MABA-011108 balun is lead-free, RoHS compliant, and 260°C reflow compatible. This balun operates at 5MHz to 10GHz frequency range and -55°C to 85°C temperature range. Typical applications include cellular, analog-to-digital converters, wideband differential amplifiers, differential modulators.


  • Wide bandwidth
  • Low insertion loss
  • Excellent amplitude balance
  • Small surface mount assembly
  • RoHS compliant and lead-free
  • 260°C reflow compatible


  • 1A DC current
  • 1W input RF power @ 25°C
  • 5MHz to 10GHz frequency range
  • -55°C to 85°C operating temperature range


  • Cellular
  • Wideband differential amplifiers
  • Analog-to-digital converters
  • Mixers
  • Differential modulators


Application Circuit Diagram - MACOM MABA-011108 Transmission Line Balun


Schematic - MACOM MABA-011108 Transmission Line Balun


Mechanical Drawing - MACOM MABA-011108 Transmission Line Balun