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AEC-Q200 DLW Common Mode Choke Coils are ideal for suppression of power line noise on powertrain and safety system Electronic Control Units (ECUs). These choke coils are available in 2014 inches (5mm x 3.6mm) and 2020 inches (5mm x 5mm). The automotive grade choke coils are available in different variants based on the rated current, common mode impendence, sizes, DC resistance, and thickness.


  • Available in 2014 and 2020 sizes
  • AEC-Q200 qualified power supplies
  • Ideal for suppression of power line noises
  • Available in different variants based on:
    • Rated current
    • Common mode impendence
    • DC resistance
    • Thickness


  • Aircraft equipment
  • Transportation equipment (trains, ships, etc.)
  • Aerospace equipment
  • Traffic signal equipment
  • Undersea equipment
  • Disaster prevention / crime prevention equipment
  • Power plant control equipment
  • Data-processing equipment