SINUOPH electronic is an agent for IC, Diode, Semiconductor, Transistor, Capacitor, MOS Tube, LED, Memory IC, I/O Module, EMI Filter, Inductor, Resistor, Relay, Motor & Drives, Switch, Fuse, Thermistor, Optoelectronics, Connector, Fiber Optic, FPC/FFC, Controller, Industrial Switch, Battery, Passive Component, Sensor, Fan, Heat Sink, Wire and Cable etc of worldwide brands as TI, Intel, ST, Vishay, Morata, Infineon, Maxim, ADI, Samsung, Panasonic, TE, Molex, Micron, Toshiba etc as China brands as well. Application for communication equipment, medical and healthcare, digital display, smart home appliance, security system and equipment, industry power supply, aerospace industry etc electronics equipment manufacturing service.

SINUOPH electronic also is an agent for bearing and various types of bearing, application for General motors, household appliances, instruments, internal combustion engines, construction machinery, railway vehicles, handling machinery, agricultural machinery, various industrial machinery, transmissions, electrical device parts, machine tool spindles, high-frequency motors, gas turbines, centrifugal separators, small cars Front wheel, differential pinion shaft, machine tool spindle, high-frequency motor, gas turbine, centrifugal separator, small car front wheel, differential pinion shaft etc

SINUOPH electronic located in Shenzhen China, next to Hong Kong, is convenience for import and export products to customers, provide better service to our customers.